Our Studio

Here’s a look into our studio, where we’ve been readying our compositions for our recording sessions starting next week!

We’re running Logic 9. The Alesis USB Pro drum kit is run through Toontrack EZdrummer and the midi keyboard utilizes Logic’s awesome sound library and several other plug-ins.

Audio instruments goes into the very nice Focusrite Saffire Pro 40.

Put all this together and we’ve got close to the jamming equivalent of silent disco. We say close as electronic drums still makes some noise. The volume is equivalent to hitting your drum sticks on an office chair and the kick drum can still send vibrations down to the ceiling of the neighbour downstairs. We’ve fixed that by building a drum riser and adding extra under-carpet. With the materials we’ve also put to together some DIY-acoustic panel! We’ll talk about that in another post…

Thanks Greg K for the photos!

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