Guitar Apps

Hello everybody. This is my first blog, and I’ve never actually read a blog so apologies if the text is somewhat inappropriate for this genre but my basic understanding is there aren’t any specific rules or mores. Doubtless there are schools of thought in terms of style and delivery but my ignorance of these will sadly prevent any adherence.
However I will aim to be coherent and deliver an enjoyable experience for the audience. I’m not quite sure who the audience is, but our main aim is to get an audience for our band and our music – which is actually pretty good and worth absorbing, so please have a sonic scoop. I cant believe I just said sonic scoop – but I’m resisting deleting it because I understand you’re meant to go with it when blogging, to avoid aggressive editing and generally live for the moment – carpe blogam.
But hang on I thought there were no rules. This is a bit stressful – I think I’ll listen to our music for a bit because it’s quite good and pretty relaxing.
However, I also wish to include some content within this blog and as such I have selected to talk about some guitar apps which may add a little something to your life. If you don’t play guitar then I would not bother reading any more today, but please come back again as I don’t think we will always just talk about guitar stuff.
Anyway the apps I was going to mention are by this person called David Mead – he seems to have done a few, some are called “Chord Coach”, “CAGED” and “Guitar Gym”. I have been testing out a bunch of guitar apps, most of which are quite rubbish but these are definitely well put together and logical.
I tend to look at them sometimes for say 10 mins or so when I’m on a train or if there’s a queue at Marks and Spencer’s. I expect I would still look at them if I had a more interesting life and was perhaps a dancer having a break from rehearsal or waiting for my drug dealer.
The apps are good for learning / refreshing on how scales, chords are constructed, and you can also use the stuff as a pretty good reference tool. Have a good weekend!

Our Favourite Albums of 2012 (in no particular order)

Deftones – Koi No Yokan


Its safe to say Deftones has never made a bad album




Meshuggah – Koloss


Their most “accessible” album. Still impossible to replicate by any band.



Band Of Skulls – Sweet Sour

BandofSkullsSweetStandout 7/8 track Wanderlust showcases what this band is capable of.




Swans – The Seer


A masterpiece alongside “White Light..” and The Great Annihilator. Brutal, yet beautiful and cinematic.



Cannibal Corpse – Torture


Gore Death Metal at its best this year. No complaints about the production and sound. Metal riffs galore



Deerhoof – Breakup Song


Fun-filled music that does not conform to any standard song structure. Satomi’s cute japanese-y vocals sounds like it could be grating on paper, but it doesn’t! Combined with the thrilling drumming and sweet guitar riffs on display. Breakup Song is the sunniest album this winter.


Soulfly – Enslaved


Gone are the groove, tribal, nu-metal elements of old. Soulfly sounds reinvigorated, the fruits of the thrashy direction they have been heading in the past few albums. A new peak


Neil Young/Crazy Horse -Psychedelic Pill


Strong songwriting and exquisite jams makes this one of the best Neil Young/Crazy Horse albums



Sharon Van Etten – Tramp


12 beautifully arranged, mostly melancholic, songs written in a honest, straight-forward style that grabs you on first listen. Chorus lyrics for “Give Out” will just stick in your head. She shows she can rock out too on “Serpents”.

Devi Ever Console


In The Lightness Of Being, we like our guitar pedals.

So Devi Ever’s Console project is pretty exciting news. If you didn’t know, Devi Ever makes pretty cool fuzz pedals and this open-source cartridge guitar fx (reminds me a little of the Atari games) sounds like a wicked project. Unfortunately, we just only found out about this (after the fundraising ended). But the good news is that the goal has been reached and we’ll be looking forward to this possibly in 2013!!


Lee Ranaldo + The Men @ Scala, London – 6th June 2012

The Men opened the show with an energetic set featuring songs from their album “Open Your Heart”. Man, those songs need to be heard live! Highlights: Turn It Around, Open Your Heart

Lee Ranaldo played all the songs from his album ” Between the times and the tides”, played 2 covers – Neil Young’s “Walk On” and Talking Head’s “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel”. Played the best ‘Lee song’ ever “Karen Revisited”. Steve Shelley provided musical pulse. Lee played real good feedback and super-sounding riffs, With his mild mannered look on, yeah he was truly hip…